Jackie’s Biography


Jackie was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.  An elderly, Christian lady in her neighborhood who loved the Lord started bringing Jackie and her brothers to her local church,  It was there where Jackie (at the age of 8)  accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior and was later baptized.

A year later, she and her family began attending Goodwill Baptist Church in east Tampa.  By the age of thirteen, Jackie developed a strong desire to learn how to play the piano. Her Mother agreed to buy an old piano for her.  A Godly deacon in her church agreed to help bring that old, upright piano to their home under one condition. Jackie had to agree to always play the piano for the Lord.  Of course, Jackie agreed!

Jackie is known by many to be an accomplished pianist, because of the support of her Mother and the help of that faithful church deacon that saw her potential.  As a teenager she was often asked to play the piano for the Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting and an occasional Sunday evening service.

She participated singing in the choirs of her elementary, junior high and high school, as well as in the church choir.  Throughout the years, along with learning to play the piano, she also taught herself how to play the organ, accordion, mandolin, dulcimer and ukulele.

At the age of 15, Jackie began dating her late husband, Ervin June.  They married shortly after graduating from high school.  Ervin was called into the ministry at the age of 19, a few months after they were married.

Jackie would then go on to gain much experience musically, as a church pianist.  She played piano in many of the church services  where she and Ervin ministered throughout their marriage.

At the age of 52, Jackie’s husband Ervin went home to be with the Lord due to heart related issues.

A few months after Ervin’s death, Jackie met Kent at church.  They began dating a year after that first meeting and were married another year later.

All of Jackie’s music talent and training up to this point was about to be put to the test.  God soon called both Kent and Jackie into full-time ministry to form the gospel music duo, Blended Heart.